Our Team

Luke Major
French-to-English Translator

« With translation there’s a fantastic give and take. It’s a creative outlet that demands rigor and clarity. 

Luke Major’s internship at Anglocom was drawing to a close when word came: he had accepted a job at another company. Zut!

We knew he wanted to be in Montreal, and it was true our office was in Quebec City, but surely there were workarounds… It just didn’t seem right that a smart translator like him wouldn’t be working at Anglocom. Oh well. At least we had enjoyed his easy-reading style and thorough research for a time… So imagine our relief several months later when Luke applied for a full-time position in response to a job posting!

For Luke, a 2017 graduate of Concordia University, translation is a second career after a first one in—woodworking. So now, instead of crafting masterpieces out of wood, he spins them out of words.