Two Teams, Two Missions, Double Quality Control

At Anglocom, we actually have TWO core missions: deliver spot-on French for the Quebec market and provide reader-friendly English for the North American and European markets.

Our two in-house teams of translators—one French and one English—work together in a collaborative and stimulating environment to deliver on that promise.

Each translation job goes through two quality control checks. The first is a line-by-line bilingual edit for style, meaning, and readability. The second is a final review to ensure the delivered copy is letter perfect. This attention to detail keeps each text sounding as natural as the original.

But at Anglocom, we’re also writers. That means you can send us briefing notes in English and ask us to write a text from scratch in French. Or vice versa. You can also request copyediting of your original text before it gets translated.

Look to us at Anglocom for proofreading, too. We put two proofreaders on every set of proofs to make sure nothing escapes our notice.

Another big plus is our extensive network of contacts in the translation industry. This gives us access to unique expertise if you have requirements in other languages such as Chinese or Spanish. One call to Anglocom is enough to find the most talented translators in your language pair.

Anglocom was founded in 1993 and is going stronger than ever today. We look forward to serving you.


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At Anglocom, we actually have TWO core missions: deliver spot-on French for the Quebec market and provide reader-friendly English for the North American market. Learn more >