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Two in-house teams of translators

We have two in-house teams of professional translators at Anglocom, for faster turnaround and tighter quality control.

A specialized team for Quebec French

One team works entirely into French from English, providing expertly crafted copy for the Quebec market.

Advanced expertise in American, Canadian, and British English

Our trinational team of English translators is the largest under a single roof in Canada. It delivers spot-on English copy perfectly targeted for the North American and European markets.

Multiple specialties

We have extensive experience in numerous fields, all of which require strong writing skills and an ability to communicate effectively with the general public.


We do more than just translate. We copywrite, copyedit, and proofread, too. We also devise slogans, adapt advertising copy, and localize for the Canadian, U.S., or British markets. We can even help develop new product names.


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I’ve been doing business with Anglocom for more than twelve years because they always deliver, whatever the job or deadline (!), with top quality translations and top notch client service.

Guillaume Ducharme

Vice President, Communications and Corporate Affairs, CEFRIO

(In response to this question on LinkedIn: I’m looking for [English -> French] AND [French -> English] translators. Do you have contacts to share? Could you tell me their specialty and name? Thanks!)

I’ve been using Anglocom for nearly twenty years. They’re talented, efficient, and fast.

Marie-José Bégin

President, Hémisphère Public Relations

My thanks to the translators at Anglocom, whose thoughtful and elegant rendition was a delight to read and a charm to edit. They’re credited in the original French version of this book, because their meticulous and inspired work shed light on points there too.

François Tremblay

Author, Popular Art, A continuing story

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At Anglocom, we actually have TWO core missions: deliver spot-on French for the Quebec market and provide reader-friendly English for the North American market. Learn more >