Advertising Adaptation

Some jobs are halfway between translation and copywriting. This is often the case in advertising, which is one of Anglocom’s great strengths. Our translations remain true to your core message while speaking directly to your target audience with all the style and creativity of the source language.

Why choose Anglocom for your advertising copy

You’ll save money.

Because our translators are also writers, there’s no need to rewrite. We adapt as we go, making sure the translation already has a copywriter’s touch.

You’ll save time.

Advertising account directors and executives love how easy it is to get Anglocom translations approved. And the quality makes them look good, too.

You can plan ahead.

Ad agencies often contact us to validate advertising concepts beforehand. We can tell you whether your slogan or visual will work well in both English and French.

You benefit from experience.

We have more than two decades of experience in advertising and work with over sixty agencies.

We can work in French.

If you need only French, just tell us what you require and we’ll skip English and write the ad for you directly in French.


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