Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are your areas of specialty?

We have experience in many fields. We are often praised for our work on texts that address the general public.

2. Who does the actual translations?

We have two complete in-house teams of translators, one that works into French and one that works into English. For other languages, we work with a hand-picked team of freelancers.

3. What is your quality control process?

Your text is translated by a member of our talented team of translators. A senior editor then does a line-by-line comparison with the original text to check for accuracy and style. After that, the initial translator verifies all edits, then reads the text through again and prepares it for delivery to you.

4. How can I get a quote?

Complete the quote form here, attaching your files and providing any instructions. We will calculate a cost and confirm a delivery time. The actual work will not be started, however, until you provide your final approval.

5. How fast can I get my translation back?

Anglocom’s business model is designed to provide fast turnaround for rush work. Many jobs arrive and leave on the same day. Tell us what your deadline is, and we will do everything in our power to meet it.

6. How long have you been in business?

Anglocom was founded in 1993.

7. Is translation the only service you offer?

Read about our complete line of services here. Our main services are translation, copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading.

8. Why are you called Anglocom?

Anglocom was originally created to provide English-language services to francophone companies. Very quickly, however, clients started asking for the same services in French, so we expanded. Today you can call us Francocom if you want, or Franglocom, but you’ll get the same high quality no matter which language you ask us to work in.

9. What does your logo signify?

Our logo combines the English quotation mark with its French equivalent, the chevron. The Anglocom name stands between the two like a bridge between languages. The red color and rectangular shape suggest a computer button or a parcel stamped “rush.” The logo was launched in 1995 and won a Graphisme Québec design award in 1996.

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About us

At Anglocom, we actually have TWO core missions: deliver spot-on French for the Quebec market and provide reader-friendly English for the North American market. Learn more >