Need something translated?
Here’s what to do!

Just one address to remember:

  1. Send your text to
  2. Indicate what you want done: translation, adaptation, copyediting, proofreading, etc.
  3. Attach any helpful reference materials (lexicons, pictures, previous translations on the same subject or with similar terminology, etc.).
  4. Say when you need the job back (date and time).
  5. Include the word URGENT in the email subject line if it’s a rush job (our email filters search for “urgent” and put those requests at the top of the list).
  6. Ask for a quotation if you need one first.
  7. Provide a file or order number as necessary and a billing address if different from your own.

Quick turnaround

  1. Once we receive your email, we’ll get back to you within the hour if it’s rush, within two hours if it’s not.
  2. We analyze your document: number of words, subject matter, level of difficulty, etc. If we’re missing any information, our project manager will contact you.
  3. The project manager then confirms the delivery date and time and provides a reference number (and the cost if you’ve asked for a quotation).
  4. And it’s off to the races! We assign your job to two different people: a translator to do the first draft and a reviser to edit and perform quality control.
  5. The translator delivers the job once it’s done.
  6. The invoice is emailed to the billing address you provided.

Have questions about the translation? Call the translator directly or send your query by email. It’s always best to copy the project manager on the email ( in case the translator is absent.

Want to add something? Need something else translated? Contact the project manager ( Our project managers are the ones who update the translation management system with additions or new requests.


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