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You know a translation is good when you can’t tell it’s a translation. Nothing awkward. Nothing stilted. Just the author’s intent and meaning, identically expressed in another language. At Anglocom we understand that translation is a craft and we aim to be its finest practitioners.
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Advertising Adaptation

When we translate ads, we pay close attention to emotion. Your ad must have the same power and punch in French as it does in English. So we take the time to think about your target audience and what will spur it to action.
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Are the words on the tip of your tongue? At Anglocom, they’re at the tip of our fingers. Let us take your thoughts and express them concisely and appropriately for your audience. You can brief us in English, then ask us to write in English OR in French.
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Copyediting is a vital step for important documents. We go over your copy from a writer’s perspective and suggest improvements. On bigger jobs, we ensure consistency from text to text. We help you convey your message more efficiently.
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Even a text crafted by the finest writer and translated by the most talented professional can run into problems at the final production stage. Proofreading is a final quality control to make sure everything is right, including layout.
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Précis Writing

We love words and wordsmithery, so you can ask us to do pretty well anything with them. Précis writing is one of those things. It’s the art of taking something long and making it shorter. Which means we can turn that 3,000-word colossus on your desk into a tightly phrased 1,500-word masterpiece.
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Linguistic consultation

Got a language challenge to meet? Crafting a slogan and need a heads up whether the concept will work in French? Are the job titles in your organization all over the map and you need someone to put them in order? If it involves language, we can help.
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About us

At Anglocom, we actually have TWO core missions: deliver spot-on French for the Quebec market and provide reader-friendly English for the North American market. Learn more >