Our Main Fields of Specialty


We work with over 60 advertising agencies on promotional copy, slogans, websites, social media, direct marketing, and other creative projects, providing not only translation services, but copyediting, copywriting, and proofreading.


If your text talks about food, you can benefit from our years of experience in recipes, menus, grocery circulars, product packaging, and other agrifood copy.

Energy and Environment

In a province known for its natural resources, we’ve been called on time and time again to work on high-profile energy and environmental projects.


We have acquired extensive experience over the years working on leading retail fashion accounts.


We have been a regular provider to the Quebec government since 1994, working with virtually every ministry and agency as well as with the political staff in ministers’ offices.

Health care

Our background in health care runs the gamut from public awareness campaigns to highly technical texts targeted at doctors or other healthcare providers.


Our corporate headquarters are in the heart of Old Quebec, a prime tourist destination, so we are regularly called on to provide translating and writing services in the tourism field.

Human resources

We have translated hundreds of job descriptions, employee manuals, biographies, and résumés at Anglocom over the years.

Information technology

We stay right on top of emerging trends in information technology through the many documents we are asked to translate by software developers and others.


We have more than two decades of experience on major insurance accounts, handling both promotional copy and technical internal documents.


Our teams regularly translate contracts of all types as well as contest rules for advertising agencies. For specialized legal work, we work with outside subject matter specialists, performing the final quality control checks in-house.


We’re regularly asked to translate brochures, websites, and other materials for manufacturers, often by their advertising agencies.


We work frequently with leading museums and consultants to produce clear and effective communications for the visiting public.


From books to blogs, and from magazines to promotional materials, we have all the bases covered, providing publishers with publication-ready translations.


Leading pharmacy, grocery, and other retail chains are a big part of Anglocom’s clientele. We work directly with their marketing departments to produce consumer-friendly copy.

Social Sciences

We regularly work with authors and academic researchers to translate their documents.


Educators and trainers appreciate our easy-to-follow translations of their training materials.


Our experience in transportation extends from cars and motorcoaches to maritime shipping, driver education, airport authorities, and transport safety.


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Tweets et gazouillis pour des traductions qui chantent

A compendium of translation tips from Anglocom’s Twitter feed .
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About us

At Anglocom, we actually have TWO core missions: deliver spot-on French for the Quebec market and provide reader-friendly English for the North American market. Learn more >