Helpful Links

André Racicot : Au cœur du français
For people who love French
Graphic presentation tool showing the geographic distribution of words and expressions
Le mot juste en anglais
Blog for French speakers interested in English
Separated by a Common Language
Blog on the differences between American and British English
Thoughts on Translation
Blog by Corinne McKay, U.S. translator par excellence
Le grand dictionnaire
English-French dictionary by Quebec’s Office de la langue française
A visual dictionary
A dictionary of translations in context
Grammar Girl
Quick and dirty English grammar tips
Word Spy
Blog on new English words
Chocolate & Zucchini
Everything you ever wanted to know about French cooking idioms
Chicago Manual of Style Questions & Answers
Expert answers to real-life editing conundrums
Our Languages Blog
A blog by the Language Portal of Canada

Les trucs d’anglais qu’on a oublié de vous enseigner

Written in French, this publication is intended for a francophone audience interested in learning more about English.
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Tweets et gazouillis pour des traductions qui chantent

A compendium of translation tips from Anglocom’s Twitter feed.
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At Anglocom, we actually have TWO core missions: deliver spot-on French for the Quebec market and provide reader-friendly English for the North American market. Learn more >