Tweets et gazouillis pour des traductions qui chantent.

Editing other translators is an everyday part of Grant Hamilton’s and François Lavallée’s lives. Grant works into English at Anglocom while François works into French at Edgar. It used to be they shared their thoughts and advice only with a person at a time, but now they do it with the whole world via Twitter. This book is a compendium of some 1,750 on-the-fly tweets inspired by actual editing work. It contains hundreds of useful tips for beginner and seasoned translators alike, succinctly noted for the benefit of all by these two talented revisers.

“These guys know what they are doing, so if you missed some or all of their tweets on Twitter at @anglais and @Magistrad_Plus, respectively, this book is a must. In fact, it is an entertaining compilation of translation advice organized by subject, consisting of 962 tweets in English and 778 in French.”

Barbara McClintock, C.Tr.

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