Talent That Breeds Passion. Passion That Breeds Commitment.

A Commitment to the Profession

Our passion for the profession leads us to take an active role in translator organizations, such as Quebec’s Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés and the American Translators Association. We regularly organize conferences for translators and industry professionals. We also share our expertise via our Twitter feed, @anglais, providing two translation tips a day to our thousands of followers.

Passion is also what pushes us to pay such attention to style and readability, not just meaning. It’s why we take every opportunity to hone our writing skills and work as a team to learn from one another.

At Anglocom we put the translator’s craft first. It’s an art, and we seek to be its finest practitioners.

A Commitment to the Community

Giving back to the community is a very big part of what makes Anglocom Anglocom. Culture is our primary focus.

We subscribe to every concert, theater, dance, and opera season in the city and share the tickets with employees. We actually served as a model for Quebec City’s Aux Premières Loges program, which encourages businesses to support the performing arts.

We are major donors to museums and one-off cultural events. We are also are lead sponsors of Les Violons du Roy, Quebec’s chamber orchestra.

In addition, we have an extensive collection of contemporary Quebec art to which we add every year.

Altogether, we devote over 3% of sales to support for culture and other worthy causes.


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