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Rachel Pierce 

French-to-English Translator

Avenet, Grégory

Bélanger, Marie-Josée

Boucher, Maxime

Brisebois, Yannick

Côté-Giguère, Catherine

Demers, Frédéric

Dufresne, Denis

Gagnon, Élise

Hagen, David

Hamilton, Grant

Harvey, Maryse

Hewitt, Rachel

Howe, Ken

Johnson, Susan

Knoderer, Matthew

Kutniowski, Violet

Lamoureux, Justine

Lesclauze, Marie-Frédérique

Major, Luke

Pierce, Rachel

Plovnick, Julie

Puchner, Sarah

Seykora, Lianne

Shepherd, Theresa

Tam, Jessica

Tremblay, Karina

Villeneuve, Christine

« Translation is like home remodeling, except the translator is the builder, the electrician, and the interior designer all in one. ”

It was good news indeed when Rachel’s job application came our way. She had already helped us out on a number of freelance assignments, and we knew she was in the major leagues of translation.

Rachel has a master’s in French studies from American University and a B.A. in French language and literature from the University of Mary Washington. A Virginia native, she honed her French abroad in France, then came home to work as a translator and project manager at translation agency ASET International Services Corp., after a stint in the event management business. Today we’re delighted to have her as part of our quartet of American translators.