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Rachel Pierce 

French-to-English Translator

Avenet, Grégory

Bélanger, Marie-Josée

Benetton, Luigi

Boucher, Maxime

Brisebois, Yannick

Demers, Frédéric

Dufresne, Denis

Gagnon, Élise

Hagen, David

Hamilton, Grant

Harvey, Maryse

Hewitt, Rachel

Howe, Ken

Johnson, Susan

Knoderer, Matthew

Kutniowski, Violet

Lamoureux, Justine

Lebel, Benoit

Major, Luke

Pierce, Rachel

Plovnick, Julie

Puchner, Sarah

Seykora, Lianne

Shepherd, Theresa

Sheppard, Lisa

Tam, Jessica

Tremblay, Karina

Villeneuve, Christine

« Translation is like home remodeling, except the translator is the builder, the electrician, and the interior designer all in one. ”

It was good news indeed when Rachel’s job application came our way. She had already helped us out on a number of freelance assignments, and we knew she was in the major leagues of translation.

Rachel has a master’s in French studies from American University and a B.A. in French language and literature from the University of Mary Washington. A Virginia native, she honed her French abroad in France, then came home to work as a translator and project manager at translation agency ASET International Services Corp., after a stint in the event management business. Today we’re delighted to have her as part of our quartet of American translators.