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Élise Gagnon

Certified English-to-French Translator

Avenet, Grégory

Bélanger, Marie-Josée

Benetton, Luigi

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Demers, Frédéric

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Gagnon, Élise

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Tremblay, Karina

Villeneuve, Christine

« I’m a great believer in teamwork, so I really appreciate the opportunities we have at Anglocom to learn and share with our fellow translators. ”

We were surprised—and flattered—to learn that Élise had been keeping her eye on the Anglocom website for months before she was hired, waiting for an opportunity to join the team. We like people who know what they want and set about making it happen!

But frankly, saying yes to Élise was a no-brainer. Her eight years of hands-on experience in French translation at a major food equipment manufacturer were a big plus. And we were charmed not only by her warm, engaging personality, but also her impressive test results—a winning combination!

Élise holds an undergraduate degree in translation from Concordia University in Montreal. Like many of her colleagues, she has also spent time abroad—in her case, almost a full year in Italy.