Our Team

Matthias Gagnon

English-to-French Translator

« I may use a wheelchair to get around, but Anglocom asks me to perform acrobatics with words. It’s very gratifying! ”

In 2014 we were accepting applications for an intern position with our French language team, and we received quite a few. To help us pick, we had each student take a translation exam.

The results were disappointing. With only one exam to review, we had yet to find an applicant who met our criteria, and we were about to give up. But that last exam was Matthias’s, and what an exam it was! This unprepossessing student was in fact a translation star.

He came for his internship and we essentially didn’t let him leave. He worked part time while he completed his degree and now he has been a regular, fulltime member of our team since January 2016.