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Richard Lacerte

Project Manager

Avenet, Grégory

Bélanger, Marie-Josée

Boucher, Maxime

Brisebois, Yannick

Demers, Frédéric

Dufresne, Denis

Gagnon, Élise

Hagen, David

Hamilton, Grant

Harvey, Maryse

Hewitt, Rachel

Howe, Ken

Johnson, Susan

Knoderer, Matthew

Kutniowski, Violet

Lacerte, Richard

Lamoureux, Justine

Lebel, Benoit

Major, Luke

Pierce, Rachel

Plovnick, Julie

Puchner, Sarah

Seykora, Lianne

Shepherd, Theresa

Sheppard, Lisa

Tam, Jessica

Tremblay, Karina

Villeneuve, Christine

« It’s really motivating to be part of an organization that so single-mindedly pursues excellence and a stellar client experience.”

When you think about it, an integrated logistics support specialist with a B.A. in military science makes for a great project manager. We just never expected to find someone with the discipline, training, and organizational skills of Richard when we were looking to strengthen our client service team!

Richard started his career in the military, where he spent some 20 years working first as a technologist and instructor, then as an operations service manager. His stint there included tours of duty in Bosnia and Afghanistan. Mid-career, Richard made the switch to Videotron, where he put his technical knowledge to work as a technician, trainer, and technical support manager. The high point of his career though (at least from our very biased point of view) was when he arrived at Anglocom in June 2019!

Got a project in need of careful attention ? Give Richard a call.